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All about creating more profits for your money! Specially designed for Investors who are beginners into Stock Market and for those who are already investing but would like to invest scientifically in the future. more
Here at last is a unique, and extremely successful training programme for becoming an absolute Winner in life by developing an entirely new world within you. Join the special Workshop to unleash the colossal forces of your mind and drive to greater success in life. Winners Workshop is a scientifically designed, result oriented, practical and interactive, motivational and attitudinal internationally sought after training programme which has the magic power of bridging the gap between what you are and what you could be. more
This is a specially designed for Students to improve their Memory, Concentration, Study Techniques, Rapid Reading, Effective Listening Skills, Overcoming Examination Fear, Studying Difficult Subjects, Dynamic Relaxation Techniques, Communications Skills, more
Be Your Own Boss!! How to Start Your Own New Business (Step by Step Guide) - Tips on How to Evaluate a potential, profitable Business, Discovering different Business ideas for various Professions, Exploring different Franchise options in different sectors, When to quit your current job. more