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27th Aug 2015 Posted in: Blog 0

Blog meant for 28 Aug 2015 Friday Dear friends, Huge rally for all markets today resulting in Nifty rising by 157 points. US and European markets are up between 2-4%. The Rupee has appreciated in the last two days and has closed at 66.04 from the recent lows of Rs.66.6 per US Dollar. The recent [...]

26th Aug 2015 Posted in: Blog 0

Blog meant for 27 Aug 2015 Thursday Dear friends, Once again markets fluctuated widely today to close down at the end. Nifty closed 89 points down today. The global markets were mixed today. Asian markets were mixed, European markets trading deeply negative and US are currently 1% up. The China effect in the global markets [...]

25th Aug 2015 Posted in: Blog 0

Blog for 26 Aug 2015 Wednesday Dear friends, A good recovery today for the markets after the collapse yesterday. Nifty rose by 72 points and so did most Asian markets. European markets & US markets have had a good rally tonight. They are up by 3-4%.  As mentioned yesterday, global markets over reacted to the [...]

24th Aug 2015 Posted in: Blog 0

Blog meant for 25 Aug 2015 Tuesday Dear friends, Bloodbath in all stock markets all over the world. Nifty fell by 491 points which was a major fall. All Asian, European and US markets have fallen between 4-8% today. The major reason is the devaluation of the Chinese currency, slowing growth in China and the [...]