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26th Mar 2015 Posted in: Blog 0

Blog meant for Friday 27 March 2015 Dear Friends, Global fears lead to the fall in markets all over the world. Small political tensions in Yemen, one of the Gulf countries, resulted in Nifty falling by 189 points to close at 8342. Nifty has fallen by 8.5% since it reached its life-time high of 9119 [...]

25th Mar 2015 Posted in: Blog 0

Blog meant for Thursday 26 March 2015 Dear Friends, Markets again fell today as Nifty closed at 8530, down 12 points. As we mentioned in the blog yesterday, the link for the indiabulls.com technical analysis has been changed. The link is as follows – http://securities.indiabulls.com/research/techanalysis/tech_analysis.aspx For the last few days, the markets have been relatively [...]

24th Mar 2015 Posted in: Blog 0

Blog meant for Wednesday 25 March 2015 Dear Friends, Another relatively quiet day for our markets today. Nifty down by 8 points and continues to be in Don’t Buy zone. Nifty may have to move by another 180-200 points to enter Buy zone. Until then we have to only wait and watch. The indiabulls.com website [...]

23rd Mar 2015 Posted in: Blog 0

Blog for Tuesday 24 March 2015 Dear Friends, Today was the fourth consecutive day of negative closes for the Nifty. Slight fall in Nifty, down by 20 points. Even the global cues have not been very helpful and hence markets have been pushed downwards probably because of consolidation before the next rally. As long as [...]