Market struggles to stay positive

Blog meant for 18 Aug 2017 Friday Dear friends, Volatile day for our markets today. Nifty moved in a narrow range throughout the day and finally closed 7 points higher. Tonight, European and US markets are trading negative and there is a chance that our markets also open negatively tomorrow. Nifty is still in Wait to [...]

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Nifty rally continues

Blog meant for 17 Aug 2017 Thursday Dear friends, Huge rally for Nifty today as it continued the uptrend from Monday. Global cues are also positive in Europe and US tonight. There is chance that the rally could continue since markets have looked strong in the last two trading days. Nifty is in Wait to Buy zone. [...]

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Markets recover but still in Don’t Buy zone

Blog meant for 16 Aug 2017 Wednesday Dear friends, A good rally for Nifty on Monday as it closed just below the 9800 mark at 9794. Global cues are mixed but relatively quiet tonight. We have to see if markets continue from where it left off on Monday or whether it will consolidate further like last week. [...]

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Markets closed tomorrow due to Independence Day

Dear friends, Markets will be closed tomorrow (Aug 15) due to Independence Day. The blog will be updated tomorrow based on global cues of tomorrow

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Only watch markets – nothing to do for short term

Blog meant for 14 Aug 2017 Monday Dear friends, Nifty collapsed further on Friday and closed at 9711, down 109 points. Global cues were still mainly negative in European markets and US markets closed marginally positive. As of now, there is no action to be taken for short term trades. Nifty is in Don't Buy zone. As [...]

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Correction deepens for global markets

Blog meant for 11 Aug 2017 Friday Dear friends, Correction in our markets continued today as Nifty fell by 88 points and closed at 9820. Global markets are all massively down as of now. Major European and US markets are down around 1% tonight. As we have been advising in the blog since the last two weeks [...]

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Wait to Sell zone for Nifty and individual stocks

Blog meant for 10 Aug 2017 Thursday Dear friends, Profit booking continued today for the markets. Nifty fell by 71 points and close just above the 9900 mark at 9908. Global cues are also negative as European and US markets are both in negative territory. This fall however has been expected since many days because our markets [...]

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Profit booking but still most stocks in Hold zone

Blog meant for 9 Aug 2017 WednesdayDear friends,Negative day for markets as Nifty was weak throughout the day and finally fell by 79 to close at 9979. The US and European markets are slightly positive as of now. The quietness of the markets in the previous few days was broken today by the downward movement as part [...]

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Nifty confused on direction to take

Blog meant for 8 Aug 2017 Tuesday Dear friends, Today was a quiet day for Nifty as it moved in a narrow range the entire day and finally closed 9 points lower. Global cues are also mixed and relatively quiet with no major momentum. Markets may be consolidating after reaching all time highs recently. As per technical [...]

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Nifty still in Hold zone and above 10,000 mark

Blog meant for 7 Aug 2017 Monday Dear friends, Nifty was trading negative and weak on Friday until the last 1 hour when it recovered and gained strength. Finally it closed 10066, up by 52 points. European and US markets closed in positive territory on Friday evening. Last week was flat for Nifty since it almost closed [...]

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