Market continues to stays strong

Blog meant for 21 Feb 2017 Tuesday

Dear friends,

Markets continued to rally today as Nifty rose by 58 points to close just below the 8900 mark. Our markets have stayed strong although global cues have been quite mixed.

Nifty is in Hold zone

The indications for short term are –






Dr.Bharath Chandra Foundation (Charitable Trust)

Subject: Free Seminar on Rain Water Harvesting in Bengaluru by Mr.A.R.Shivakumar (Renowned Water Harvesting Expert)

Recently, we have been coming across many news articles with statements such as below:

‘Evacuation in Bengaluru in 5-10 years due to water shortage.’

Some of the reasons for such statements are :

  • Groundwater levels have reached below 1000 feet in many areas of Bengaluru.

  • Bengaluru district has no major rivers flowing.

  • The average annual rainfall in Karnataka is only 1,248 millimetres and it is very obvious that such low level rainfall has resulted in the decline of groundwater levels. Some bore wells that are not too deep have gone dry.

We are happy to announce that Dr.Bharath Chandra Foundation is taking up the above cause to bring about a difference by promoting ‘Rain Water harvesting’ to the citizens so that the water shortage in Bengaluru can be reduced and the groundwater can be replenished.

Some of the benefits of Rain Water Harvesting :

1. Save money on water bills by using your own water source
2. Replenishing Groundwater levels in the City
3. Re-usage of Rain Water for Household purposes.

All sites measuring 1200 sq.ft (30 X 40 Feet) and above have to compulsorily do Rain Water Harvesting for their houses.

As of now, only around 20% of the Bengaluru houses have implemented Rain Water Harvesting in spite of it being made mandatory by the Government. In fact, there is a proposal by the Government to levy fines on people who have not done Rain Water Harvesting for their houses.

We propose to conduct weekly Free Seminars to educate about and implement Rain Water Harvesting in Bengaluru.

We would like to invite and enlist the support of 100 dedicated volunteers for the Mission of implementing Rain Water Harvesting in Bengaluru. This includes few volunteers to act as Trainers to conduct these Free Seminars.

Adequate support and training regarding the subject matter will be given by our experts and our Foundation.

To have a preliminary discussion and brainstorming session regarding the future Rain Water Harvesting Seminars, we have scheduled a meeting as follows:

Date – 26 Feb 2017 (Sun)

Time – 10.00 am to 12.00 noon

Venue – Jain College, 2nd Floor Auditorium, No.44/4, District Fund Road, Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore – 69 (Opp. Ragigudda Temple Arch on the Ring Road & Opp.Bangalore Central Mall, Jayanagar)

To participate in the above meeting, please SMS “Name – RWH” to 9632 44 3333
(before 25 Feb).

You can bring your friends and relatives with you.

Your SMS is a confirmation of your Seat being reserved and hence no reply will be sent to your SMS.

Please report by 9.45 am

All the best!

Dr.Bharath Chandra

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