Market weakness continues – follow the indications for short term

Blog meant for 22 March 2017 Wednesday

Dear friends,

Another flat and relatively weak day for the Nifty. It closed 5 points lower. Also, the global cues are extremely negative for Wednesday with European & US markets closing almost 1-2% lower and Asian markets opening 1% lower.

It is likely that Indian markets will also be weak today due to the pessimistic view all over the world.

The indications for short term are –


Wait to Sell – MARUTI


Don’t Buy – AXIS BANK, M&M

Don’t Buy – ONGC (It is showing Buying indication but since markets are extremely negative, you can ignore the Buy signal & Not Buy it for short term)

Some of you may be holding Divislab for long term. It fell by a big percentage yesterday due to some negative news. The US Drug Regulator has made some negative observations regarding its manufacturing plants and its products and hence the huge fall.

For more information on why it fell yesterday –

If you had bought if for long term in the past and as long as you have been buying on a monthly basis, you can hold it for now. This kind of news comes for all pharmaceuticals companies since the US regulator is very strict.

The important point to note is that you are investing for long term in any stock, monthly regular investments will help you average the cost of your purchases. If you buy only once, then you should also be ready to not get too worried if markets or stocks fall in short term.

Either way, long term means minimum holding of 10 years and if possible much more so that you get the benefit of compounding.

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Dr.Bharath Chandra

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