Markets likely to be positive – hold for short term

Blog meant for 29 Jan 2018 Monday

Dear Friends,

Quiet day for Nifty on Thursday. It closed 16 points lower at 11069. However, global cues were very positive on Friday evening in US and Europe and hence there is a good chance that Nifty will open in positive territory tomorrow.

The Union Budget is coming up on Feb 1 and hence the coming few days will be very important for the entire economy and Stock Markets too.

The analysis for Short term as per technical analysis is as follows:

Nifty is in Hold zone.
The indications for individual stocks are –





Question of the Day –

Can we buy stocks for short term now and try to make some profits?

Answer –

For short term, we should stocks only based on the graph. Just because, overall markets are going up, we cannot blindly buy any stock at any time. Many stocks have already gone up very high and hence this is not a time to buy for short term.
Markets can fall any time due to the high current level.

For long term, with the intention of investing for 10-15-20 years plus, you can continue to buy on a monthly basis.


Also, we are already anticipating a common question which may come in the coming months.

Once markets fall in due course because of the Stock Market cycle, many of our participants will ask whether we can continue to hold certain bluechip companies for long term.

If you are a long term investor, market fall has no major meaning to you as long as you are holding stocks suggested in the Workshop and monitoring their business performance now and then. Do not lose faith in a company just because its share price is falling due to negative market sentiment.

You must continue to hold and invest in those stocks even when markets fall just as how you have been investing when the markets have been rising.


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Dr.Bharath Chandra and Rohan

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