Markets still nervous over North Korea’s actions

Blog meant for 11 September Monday 2017

Dear Friends,

Once again Nifty closed flat, up 5 points at 9935. The last one week has been very quiet for our markets and it has been moving in a narrow range.

The tension for the world arising due to North Korea’s actions are keeping global Stock Markets nervous. Let us see if markets can move on either side this week instead of staying quiet at the same level. Global cues were little negative on Friday in the US and Europe. It all depends on how Asian markets open tomorrow (Monday) morning.

The technical analysis is as follows.


Wait to Sell – YESBANK

TOO LATE TO BUY / HOLD – LARSEN (It went up by around 4% on Friday and hence went much higher than the red line. Hence, it is too late to buy or Hold. It may not be very wise to Buy it now)



(HDFC Bank & ACC are showing Buy indications. However, since markets have been dull during the last few days, you can take a personal decision. If you have the risk appetite and are ready to bear a small loss if markets fall, then you can Buy them. Otherwise, you can wait for another day and then decide)


Long term investors must continue to invest every month in bluechips. Many people neglect long term thinking that making short term profits is enough. However, when you realise the power of compounding, then you will repent not having invested in the past. Hence, do not miss regular investing for long term).


Question of the Day – Can you please tell us how investing as early as possible makes a big difference to the value of our portfolio?

Answer – 

We would like to give a real life example of two participants of our Workshop. Recently, two friends Ramesh & Prakash from Shimogha (in Karnataka) shared with us the following:

These two friends had attended our Stock Market Workshop about 6 years back. One of them started to invest one month after attending the Workshop. The other person postponed investing due to laziness and has not yet started investing even after 6 years of attending the Workshop. 

Ramesh has been investing Rs.5000 per month for the last 6 years. His total investment so far has been around Rs.4 lakhs. The value of his portfolio as on today is around Rs. 11 lakhs. This appreciation on investment is very good and if he stays invested with adequate monitoring of his portfolio, he is likely to have Rs.3-4 crores at the time of retirement.

Prakash is now repenting since he too could invest a similar amount every month but did not invest in the Stock Markets and ended up putting it in Bank RDs (Recurring Deposit) & Insurance and has obviously not got good appreciation from his investment and also the money put in Insurance has been locked-in for another 15 years.

This is a mistake many people do even after attending the Workshop. They postpone investing for their children education/retirement etc until they realise that it has become too late to start and then they give up on life’s opportunities. 

Even if you have a small amount as savings every month, invest it in bluechips. The returns you will get will be much much higher than any other instrument and also the capital gains will be tax free.

Hope you have understood the importance of time and regular savings and will not delay saving for your future life events.

All the best!

Dr Bharath Chandra and Rohan

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