Markets unsure of direction

Blog meant for 3 Jan 2018 Wednesday

Dear Friends,

Markets traded in a range throughout the day and finally closed 7 points higher. Although, global cues were quite positive in Asia today, our markets could not continue the uptrend.

As of now, European markets are all marginally negative and US markets all currently positive.

The analysis for Short term as per technical analysis is as follows:

Nifty is in Hold zone.
The indications for individual stocks are –





BUY – HDFC (once again it has closed above the red line. In the last 2-3 times, it has shown Buy indication but immediately fallen and once fallen, again it has come up just like today. This is part and parcel of how markets and stocks move in short term. We have to either Buy and not worry if we face a small loss if it falls next day or we should ignore the Buy indication and not buy but not feel bad if the stock goes up and gives us good short term profits. Personally, buying and selling as per the graph will generally result in 20-30-40% per annum short term profits)


Inspite of mentioning in the blog almost everyday about not worrying about short term fluctuations when you have invested for long term in bluechip stocks, we keep getting emails and calls asking us whether to sell those bluechip stocks since markets have fallen a particular day.
Unless we have the attitude of truly being a long term investor, we will not be able to benefit from compounding and long term growth of companies.

Do not get jealous of your friends/family who say that they have made 30 or 50% in last 3 months etc since they bought some small company and it has gone very high. This kind of jealousy feelings usually leads to us buying companies which are not having good fundamentals and finally when markets fall, the smaller companies will fall more and we will repent investing in them.

Stick to bluechip companies even if they do not give the highest returns, since the risk taken by you is very less and there is more surety of the returns.


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We had said earlier in the blog, Workshops and in our TV programs to not invest in bitcoins or similar instruments since they are highly risky and nobody knows what may happen to them in the future. Rather be safe than sorry. You may feel that many people are making profits, but it is just pure luck and there is no fundamental reason for the rise of crypto-currencies such as bitcoins.

The Indian Government has released many warnings recently. Kindly read it and be aware.


All the best!

Dr Bharath Chandra and Rohan

Please do not comment on the blog. Any questions or clarifications can be asked by sending us an email with your registration number given to you during the Workshop. Questions without quoting registration number will not be answered.

(The above comments are only the personal views of the authors of this blog. Please do your own research before taking any investment decisions. The reader of this blog must understand and take full responsibility for the Profit or Loss made by taking actions based on the above views)

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