New closing high for Nifty – 10624

Blog meant for 9 Jan 2018 Tuesday

Dear Friends,

Nifty touched 10600 for the first time today as the rally continued helped by positive global cues. Nifty closed strongly, up 64 points to close at 10624.

Asian markets were all positive today. European markets are trading mixed and US markets are marginally higher.

The momentum in global stock markets is pushing markets higher. However, as short term investors we should be cautious about such rises since at higher levels, there is a chance of a correction/fall in markets any time.

The analysis for Short term as per technical analysis is as follows:

Nifty is in Hold zone.
The indications for individual stocks are –




There are no fresh buy indications for short term as of now since most individual stocks are in Hold zone. We have to see how much stocks will go up before consolidation takes place.

Do not get carried away and make unnecessary purchases for short term.


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All the best!

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Please do not comment on the blog. Any questions or clarifications can be asked by sending us an email with your registration number given to you during the Workshop. Questions without quoting registration number will not be answered.

(The above comments are only the personal views of the authors of this blog. Please do your own research before taking any investment decisions. The reader of this blog must understand and take full responsibility for the Profit or Loss made by taking actions based on the above views)

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