Nifty just below 10700

Blog meant for 7 June 2018 Thursday

Dear friends,

A positive day for Nifty as it closed 92 points higher to close just below 10700 mark. Global cues were little quiet throughout the world.

RBI has decided to increase interest rates by 0.25%. This will have a marginal impact to loan borrowers since banks may decide to hike interest rates on loans by a small margin in the coming weeks.

No major surprise for the markets and hence markets reacted positively and did not fall. Usually when interest rates rise, it is perceived negatively since it affects the borrowing cost of individuals and companies.

Nifty is in Buy zone for short term.

The indications for individual stocks for short term only are –





JUST BUY – RELIANCE INDUSTRIES (It is showing a buy indication. But majority of the others are either in Don’t Buy zone, hence we have to be careful before buying it. Buy for short term if you have risk appetite)

Long term investors can continue to invest every month regularly.

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