Nifty still in Hold zone

Blog meant for 18 September Monday 2017

Dear Friends,

Nifty closed flat on Friday after trading down for majority of the day due to North Korea missile launch on Friday morning. The last 1 hour saw our markets recover from the day’s lows to close at 10085.  The US markets managed to close marginally higher and some of the US indices are at life time highs in spite of all the global tensions. 

The technical analysis is as follows for short term – 




BUY – TCS (It is showing a Buy indication as per the graph. However, the global cues on Monday must be observed before deciding to buy)

Long term investors can continue to invest on a monthly basis.


Question of the Day

Question from a participant – I get many SMSes/notificatons from my broker with whom I have a demat account to buy and sell shares. Many of these companies they suggest are very small and unknown companies. What should I do?

Answer – SMSes/ emails or any other notifications whether received from your broker or any other sources should ideally be ignored. Always do your own research, study about the company or about the particular indication for short term and only if you are satisfied that is worth taking action, you must buy.

Just because it is your broker, do not blindly take their advice. They are usually not trained to advice clients on which shares to buy etc. They have been trained to ensure that clients do regular trading so that they can earn good commissions. Unfortunately, it is sometimes for with the best interests of the clients in mind.

Also, do not believe people/brokers who state that they are representing our Institute and that we have told them to advice you on what investments you should do for short term or long term. All our communications are through our blog or through our recognized email IDs. We do not send any Whatsapp messages etc suggesting buy/sell in Stock Markets.

You can ignore any messages/ Calls/ Emails that has not been sent by us or not mentioned in the blog even if it is from people you know who are associated with us.

We are writing the above since we have noticed few people misusing our name for their personal or professional benefit by stating that Dr.Bharath Chandra Institute has instructed them to advice them on certain Stocks or Financial instruments.

Kindly be careful before blindly following any advice.

All the best!

Dr.Bharath Chandra & Rohan

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