Nifty still quiet

Blog meant for 23 May 2018 Wednesday

Dear friends,

Finally after almost 5 days of negative closes, Nifty managed to close marginally higher today. Nifty went up by 20 points.

Global cues are mixed as of now. European markets closed marginally positive and US markets are slightly negative as of now. Tomorrow’s opening for our markets may be flat and then depending on global cues may move up or down.

Nifty is in Don’t Buy zone for short term.

The indications for individual stocks for short term only are –





TOO LATE TO BUY / HODL – SBI (It went up by 4 percent today and hence may be little late to buy now)


We have been writing this blog for around 9 years continuously on every weekday without fail.

Blog writing takes around 15-20 minutes but many days thinking what and how to write certain topics on the blog takes more than 1 hour. But we are happy to spend that time since we know large number of people read it regularly and find it helpful/ beneficial/motivating etc.

However, we have always been concerned that the regularity of the reading by the readers is not good.

For example, we meet many people who are past participants of our Workshops and they say that they can get time to read our blog once a week! On an average, our blog does not take more than 10 minutes to read, although it may take 1 hour to write it.
If we cannot spend even 5-10 minutes a day reading it, may be we should ask ourselves a question of whether we should be investing in Stock Markets.

Sometimes, we feel that if people are not reading regularly, why should it be written regularly!!
It can be written once a week too!! (Although, the purpose of the blog is to give daily updates on short term trades and also general commentary on long term investments).

We are also contemplating/thinking that the blog should be sent only to people who we know are going to make use of the daily updates or at least read them daily. (It will be like feeding only people hungry for information and knowledge and not everybody irrespective of their hunger levels)

We receive emails now and then stating that they are holding a particular stock which had given a Sell indication long back for short term but did not get the time to read on the day the Sell indication was written in the blog and hence are now in notional loss. We feel very bad in such situations and feel although we are trying our best to help people, people are not taking it for some reason!

We will putting up an option in this blog to fill in your Name, Mobile Number, Email ID and registration details of Workshop attended. People who will fill it will get a notification on their email when the blog is updated and they can read it from their email too.

This option of filling up your details will be given for around 10-15 days.

People who do not fill up details will not receive notifications on their email and we may assume that they do not require the blog or have never been regular readers and hence they may need to send us a separate mail requesting us to add their details too.

At a future date, the blog may not be available unless you subscribe for it.

We feel this is the best way to reward the regular readers by sending notifications and making it available only to them since they deserve it.

All the best!

Dr.Bharath Chandra and Rohan

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