BIF Core Group

Bangalore Investors Forum (BIF) Core Group

We are happy to announce the first meeting of BIF Core group on 23 July (Sun) at 6.10 pm at Jain College Auditorium off J.C.Road.

All are cordially invited regardless of prior registration. The final list of provisional members will be drawn at the end of the day on 23 July after full discussion.

The Core group will meet once in fifteen days on a predetermined day and time.

The meeting agenda is discussing short term and long term investment, technical analysis, research to find and fine tune techniques to improve profitability,  to spread awareness and positivity towards capital markets to our kith and kin so that they will also benefit financially and plan their major events in life.

The duration of meeting will be 60 to 90 mins.

Eligibility to become Core Group Member :

** The core group members are expected to have high degree of commitment and dependability for the cause of spreading awareness.

They should also spread awareness of capital markets by writing articles, blogs, in social media.

** One of the main criteria for selecting core group members is that they should be our Stock Market Workshop graduates who have already invested in stock markets for sufficient duration and already have benefited from their investment.

** The applicants of the core group must be members of Bangalore Investors forum. They must be active investors in stock markets.

To be selected they must bring their documentary proof of their investment by bringing their demat account holdings statement.

Total number of  members is 50. Initially, members will be given provisional membership and will be made permanent members only after completing their assignments.

Six months later they will be awarded the certificate of permanent membership based purely on their performance and commitment towards the cause of capital markets.

The enrollment to core group will be only on selection basis after receiving the completed applications forms during the next meeting

Please note that Core Group Membership is Free (no membership fees).

Next meeting is on 23 July at 6.10 pm at Jain College auditorium off J C Road. If you come at 4.45 pm, you will have the pleasure of meeting the participants who are about to join the next workshop in August.

To be a part of the BIF Core Group, you need to send us an email on subject core group with your details stating participation in meeting on 23 July and be present on that date to submit your application for being Core Group Member.


Blog meant for 18 July 2017 Tuesday

Dear friends,

Positive day for Nifty once again. It rose by 30 points and closed at 9916, a new lifetime high. It is slowly inching towards the 10,000 mark. We have to see whether investors do some profit booking before reaching that level or it will just be reached without any consolidation.

Global cues are flat tonight with no big momentum on either side.

As per technical analysis, Nifty is in Hold zone. The indications for individual stocks for short term are –

THE HOLDS ARE – DIVISLAB,  Maruti, Yes Bank, Reliance, Infosys, ACC, LUPIN, Titan, SBI,  L&T, HDFC Bank, HDFC

Wait to Sell – ITC, Axis Bank

Wait to Buy – M&M, Asian Paint

Don’t Buy – TCS


Question of the Day

Question – What is the average returns that Sensex has given in long term since inception?

Answer –

Sensex index was started by BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) in 1979 with a base value of 100. Today, the closing value of Sensex is 32075. Therefore, in around 38 years, the CAGR for Sensex is 16.4 % p.a.

This 16.4% percent returns means that if I invested Rs.10,000 in 1979, then today its value would be around Rs.32.07 lakhs which is huge multiplication. The returns are much higher than all other financial instruments. Plus it has the benefit of tax free status for long term capital gains.

Sensex has 30 stocks in the index and not all profitable companies. Some of them are big companies and that is why they are in the index but may be making losses. In spite of considering all companies in the index, the average returns has been 16%. Suppose, we are smart enough to do some analysis and select only a few better companies, then we can definitely expect more than 16% returns p.a. We can expect anywhere from 18% to 25% p.a. returns in the long term (atleast 8-10 years).

All the best!

Dr.Bharath Chandra & Rohan

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