Slight recovery today

Blog meant for 24 March 2017 Friday

Dear friends,

Good recovery for markets today as Nifty rose by 55 points to once again come close to the 9100 mark. Today’s recovery was helped by better and more positive global cues.

The indications for short term are –


Sell – TCS

Just Buy – MARUTI 


Too late to Buy or Hold – LUPIN

Wait to Buy – ONGC

Looking at the European and US markets tonight, it looks like tomorrow also could be positive for our markets. 

Every few days, we get emails from past participants of our Stock Market Workshop. It is great to hear that they have been investing for long term. However, one common mistake we see is that they do not invest regularly and many months in the middle, there is no investment at all. In such situations, you are missing out on averaging the cost of your purchasing bluechip companies and also you are giving your investment less time to grow.

For example. you may invest in January, February & March 2017 and not invest between April to August 2017. In such situations, we have not only missed many months of investments, we have also missed purchasing those stocks especially when in some months, the prices of the stocks had fallen. Also, finally if you plan to sell after another 20 years, 5 months of not investing may result in you getting an amount which may be a few lakhs lesser.

Suppose you plan to invest Rs.5,000 per month but miss 5 months, you have missed investing Rs.25,000 which could result in you getting Rs.2-3 lakhs lesser at the time of selling.

Hence, irrespective of how much you are investing, as far as possible do not miss investing regularly. Even if you have Rs.1000 or Rs.2000 invest, do not hesitate to invest. Do not worry that it is a small amount and do not unnecessarily wait for a large amount to invest. Invest whatever you can spare every month.

All the best!

Dr.Bharath Chandra

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