Bangalore investors forum – Beginners

Bangalore Investors Forum – Beginners 

As a part of our drive to improve the financial quotient (FQ) of the public, we are conducting a Special Session on 16 July (Sun) at 6.20 pm for Beginners in Stock Markets. This is a chance for you to refer your family, friends, relatives and contacts for the two hour Session.

Just like how you have benefited from the Workshop and improved your financial literacy, by sharing this knowledge to your near and dear ones, you are gifting them an opportunity to learn about Investments & Personal Finance.

Contents of the Session:

  1. Advantages of Long term Investing in Stock Markets

  2. Profitability of Short term Investment

  3. How to create your own infallible Retirement Fund

  4. How to provide for your children education and marriage

  5. How to prevent loss in investments

  6. Planning your insurance needs and re-jigging of your present plans, online buying of insurance

  7. One time Investment

  8. Stock Selection

  9. Removing Misconceptions about Stock Markets

Session Details:

Date – 16 July 2017 (Sun)

Time – 6.20 pm to 8.20 pm

Venue – Jain College, Off JC Road, (Near Ravindra Kalakshetra), Bangalore

Fees – Rs.400/-

Special Fees – Rs.100/- 

Kindly refer your family members, friends and relatives so that they can also benefit from Financial knowledge just like you.

Please mail us on informing us the name of your friends attending on 16 July and we will note it down. On the date, they need to come to the venue and pay the Seminar Fees of Rs.100 at 5.30 pm at Jain College, JC Road, Blore.


Blog meant for 10 July 2017 Monday

Dear friends,

Nifty closed flat on Friday, down around 9 points. Its part of the consolidation phase of the markets. The global cues are all mixed. We have to see how the Asian markets open tomorrow since it is the start of a fresh week.

The indications as per technical analysis for short term are –

Nifty is Hold zone. The indications for individual stocks are –

THE HOLDS ARE – DIVISLAB,  ITC, Titan, Maruti, Yes Bank, Reliance

Wait to Sell – HDFC

Wait to Buy –  LUPIN

Don’t Buy –  TCS, L&T, Infosys, M&M, Axis Bank, ACC, Asian Paint, SBI

Nifty in Hold zone but many of the individual stocks looking weak as of now in this rally.


Question of the Day

Question – Why should we buy invest equal amounts in each company we invest for long term? Right now I am investing in such a way that I buy only a particular company’s stocks until I accumulate 20 shares of each company. Please clarify why equal value of investment in each stock.

Answer –

When we buy same quantity of each stock, we are only looking at the number of shares held by us in each company. Since each company’s share has a different price, 20 shares of HDFC has a different value compared to 20 shares of Maruti.

Hence, suppose we have Rs.10,000 to invest every month and I have 4 companies in my long term shares list, I should divide the Rs.10,000 into 4 parts which comes to Rs.2500 per company.

In this 2500, we need to see how many shares will I be able to buy of each company in my list. Hence, you will be holding the same value of shares of each company irrespective of the numbers of share held by you in each company.

The idea is to diversify our portfolio and hold shares where each company is having equal investment from our side.

All the best!

Dr.Bharath Chandra & Rohan

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