Spectacular Rally for markets

Blog meant for 15 March 2017 Wednesday

Dear friends,

As expected, markets had a huge rally due to the positive sentiment of the BJP winning in State Elections of UP & Uttarkhand. Nifty rose by 152 points to close at 9087. This is the first time that Nifty has closed above the 9000 mark.

Most of the individual stocks went by 2-4% and the rally was spectacular.

Global cues are negative as of now. However, we have to see whether this rally continues or there is some profit booking by investors.

The indications for short term are –


Wait to Buy –  ITC


Too late to Buy or Hold – HDFC (It went up by around 4% yesterday and hence it may be too late to buy. If you have the risk appetite and are ready to face the risk of it falling in return for a chance that it continue to go up in the next few days, only then decide to buy)


When the markets go up like this in short term, do not be tempted to sell your long term holdings since these are all small profits compared to what you may get by holding for many years. In short term, you may get 20% to 30% in some transactions, but in long term you may get 20% per annum compounded which will multiply your investment to a huge amount.

Also, in such times, do not neglect investing for long term thinking that prices are high. Continue to invest on a monthly basis keeping in mind your long term goals in mind.

All the best!

Dr.Bharath Chandra

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