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Blog meant for 23 March 2017 Thursday

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The negativity in the global Stock Markets continued today too. Nifty fell by 91 points lower to close at 9030. In fact many of the Asian markets and European markets fell by a higher percentage today. After the rally which resulted in markets reaching life time highs, markets are cooling off now before it can resume the uptrend.

This is the characteristics of the stock markets. While there is an uptrend, markets do not go up at one stretch. Even while going up, there will be up and down movement. Similarly. while markets are falling too, there will be small rallies.

Markets never go up continuously and never go down continuously.

We have to see if markets can recover in the coming days. If global cues become positive, then there is chance of recovery. Otherwise, Nifty which is in Wait to Sell zone may enter Sell zone.

The indications for short term are –


Wait to Sell – TITAN, TCS



Also, as we have mentioned in the Workshop multiple times, we do not suggesting investing in IPOs even if it means missing out of some good ones. Generally, the record of IPOs is that the profits may be there only for the first day of first few days and then later the price falls. 

Hence, we do not apply for any IPOs. In case the company’s fundamentals are good, we can purchase them even later if required.

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