Financial Planning for Early Retirement (FIRE) (Online Course)

Do YOU Want to Become Financially Independent?

If YES, then this F.I.R.E. Success Blueprint Course is for You.

The Topics Covered in this Course will be:
1. The Fulfillment Curve
2. Common Money Beliefs
3. Your Life’s Energy
4. Must Have Qualities for F.I.R.E.
5. Secrets of F.I.R.E.
6. Goal Setting for F.I.R.E.
7. Snake & Ladder Principle of Finance
8. Multiple Streams of Income
9. 4% Safe Withdrawal Rule & its Practicality
10. Introduction to IKIGAI
11. How to Assess whether you are close to F.I.R.E.
12. Steps to Reduce Expenses
13. Stages of Financial Independence
14. Ways to Save Money
15. Minimalism
16. Geo-Arbitrage
17. Sequence Of Returns Risk
18. Reverse Mortgage
19. Power of Tiny Improvements
20. Real Life Case Study
21. Excuses We Gives
22. Books & Resources for F.I.R.E.

Plus Bonus Modules

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Total 13 Hours of Recorded Content + Live Sessions once in 1 Month till June 2021 

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