Online Workshop on ‘Goal Setting & Time Management’

Do you have the following Danger Signals of Poor Time Management?
    • Do you feel unrelenting pressure as if you are always behind the Clock?
    • Do you work habitually long hours like 10-12-14 hours a day for 5-6-7 days a week?
    • Do you feel guilty leaving work on time and take worries and problems home?
    • Do you constantly miss deadlines?
    • Are you plagued by fatigue and tiredness and worry about unproductive hours?
    • Are you unhappy with your Time Management?
    • Do you want to be a Winner as far as your Career is concerned?
    • Do you have the trouble of not knowing what is a Priority and What to start?
    • Do you want to Join the Group of Highly Successful Action Takers?
    • Do you have the problem of starting work and later losing interest in completing the Work?
If the answers for the Above Questions is a YES, then Join the Goal Setting & Time Management Mastery Course. This is a Comprehensive Guide to Time Management & Goal Setting.
Dr.Bharath Chandra, a Medical Doctor, Behavioural Therapist and Trainer of International Repute is going to help you with a Video Online Course of 3 Hours.

This Session has been attended by more than 10 lakh people in the last 38 years.

By attending this Course, you will learn the following things:

Module 1 – 90 Mins

  • Story of the Woodcutter – The Art of Working Sharper Than Harder
  • What are Major & Minor Time Wasters and how to gain Mastery over them ?
  • How to Pin-point your Priorities in Life?
  • Six Criteria of Goal Setting
  • How to Fix Goals by using Goal Cues?
  • Six Dimensions of Goal Setting
  • Six Steps to Make Your Goal Setting Process Fool-proof
  • How to be Successful by using the Power of Delegation?
  • Understanding Urgent Jobs & Important Jobs for Mastering Time Management

Module 2 – 90 Mins

  • How to Master Time Management by using the 80/20 Rule? (Pareto’s Principle)
  • Parkinson’s Law of Time Management
  • Master the Skills of ‘Bang the Nasty Job First Principle’ for maximum productivity in your life
  • Devise your own techniques of managing Visitors & Telephone Interruptions
  • Difference between ‘Knowing’ & ‘Doing’
  • The Art of Accomplishing the Goals by Visualising the Goals in Successful Completion 


97% of the people don’t reach their goals because they don’t know how to Set Goals.
If you don’t stand for something, you can fall for anything.

Details about the Course – 

  • There are two Videos of total 3 Hours duration.
  • The Course Videos will be available for a period of 2 weeks.

Under No circumstances will the validity be extended

Bonus Material:

  • Downloadable Study Material in PDF Format for future reference
  • Downloadable Goal Setting Form for practical Goal Setting

How to get Maximum Benefit from this Course?

  1. Go through the Modules within the next one week
  2. Contemplate and Finish the Practicals of Goal Setting and Bang the Nasty Job First Principle within the next 2 weeks
  3. Be an Action Taker and Don’t dwell on Theory
  4. Watch the Videos multiple times within the next 2 weeks in the Course Time Frame

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1. Is this Course Practical or Theoretical?
This Course is Practical and there are exercises you need to do with respect to Goal Setting & Time Management. Ensure you keep a Pen and Paper with you while Watching the Course Videos and make notes. It is also suggested that you attend this Course with your Spouse for best results.

2. How to Make Payment?
Click on the green ‘Register Now’ button and it will take you to the payment gateway for making payment. Enter your correct details and you will get Online Access to the Course in a few hours. Please note that there will be a small transaction charge while registering for the Course.

Once you make the payment and it is Successful, you will get Access to the Course and you will get an email from with all details on how to Access the Course Online. Please check your Inbox and Spam folder.

3. How long will I get access to Course Videos?
The Online Course Access will be available for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the system will automatically deactivate access. Under No circumstances will the validity be extended.

4. What is the Value of the Course and What’s the Special Price?

Fees of the Course is Rs.1,699/-

This Course is OPEN to All above 15 years and You can Refer your Friends/Relatives to Participate in it too.

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