Training The Trainers Workshop

Special Training the Trainers Certification Workshop (in English) by Dr.Bharath Chandra, Medical Doctor, Behavioural Therapist and Success Coach of International Repute.

It will be a Residential Program where Participants immerse themselves to develop their Training Skills.

Success is a sum total of our knowledge, skills and our attitude. In today’s information age, knowledge is power. But attitude and skills are more powerful. The right skills and attitudes are lacking in most people and that is where Trainers come into the picture. With over 140 crore people in our country and over 800 crore people all over the world, there is a huge gap between what a person is and what a person can be. According to a survey, in the present scenario, there is a dearth of more than 1 lakh Trainers in our country.

With the ever increasing need to improve and enhance our capabilities, effective Trainers are in high demand all over the world. Trainers are required in various schools, colleges, corporations and government institutions. Since our educational system does not prepare people adequately for the outside world, training has become an essential requirement for every new employee in an organization. The scope for Trainers is unlimited and so also is the earning potential. What a highly placed employee earns in an entire month may be equivalent to the fee charged by a Trainer for one-day of training.

Some Topics of the Workshop are as follows:

1. How to Identify Your Training Niche

2. Step by Step Plan of Action to Become a Top Trainer

3. How to Design Curriculum for Effective Workshops

4. How to Design an Impressive Demo Seminar/Webinar

5. How to Re-program Your Subconscious Mind to be Top Trainer

6. How to Gauge what kind of Training Programs People want

7. How to Instantly Connect to the Audience with Ice-breaking Techniques

8. What are Top Mistakes which Budding Trainers Make

9. How to Lose Stage Fear and Become an Effective & Impressive Speaker

10. Techniques to Successfully Start a Speech to Grab People’s Attention

11. Techniques to Successfully End a Speech to Motivate People to take Action and Transform themselves

12. Harnessing the Power of Positive Affirmations for Trainers

13. Teaching Self Hypnosis Sessions for Programming the Mind and Pain Management

14. How to Practice and Teach Four Types of Meditation Techniques

15. How to Heal Self and also bring about Healing of Participants through Bio-feedback technique

16. How to Involve All Participants in Your Training Program

17. How to Develop Extempore Speaking Skills for Trainers

18. How to Manage and Get the Co-operation from Unsupportive Audience

19. How to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a Training Tool

20. How to Devise Your Own Marketing Plan to receive Training Assignments from People

21. How to Create a Personal Brand on Social Media

22. How to Develop your Social Media Strategy to Excel

And Many More Topics

Email – or Call 99000-00046 for Details, Schedule and How to Register for the Workshop