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Testimonial from Mr.Kiran Prabhakar – 

Dear Rohan and Bharath Chandra Sir,
The Workshop motivates me to keep invested in long term. It helped me understand the market movement and information is very good.
Appreciate the efforts you both have taken in creating the Workshop to keep us informed with lots of stock market knowledge. 

Testimonial from Mr.Nagesh Boriah

The  Workshop is making a positive difference in our lives, it has helped in building a portfolio of Rs.3.5 Lakhs since one year collectively in the name of me and my wife and also helping me a lot regarding fundamental analysis of companies and  helping me by updating the day to day affairs of market. The videos displayed are really doing wonderful job. Whole heartedly thanking Dr.Bharath Chandra and Rohan.      
Testimonial from Mrs.Bhargavi Hanumesha

Without your stock market seminar,workshop,  really we may never get such huge amount in our life..and Your Workshop has given a lot of information and guidance.
You became our “Financial Guru”..
Thank you very much sir.     
Testimonial from Mr.Suhas M.S.

Hello sir,
First of all I would like to thank you for sharing the wonderful knowledge about the share market. Before I attended your classes I hardly knew what was stock market and how they function.

Now I think, I understand how stock market works and all thanks to you sir.
I am a long term investor and it as been very helpful.
It is a great initiative taken and keep up the good work sir.       
Testimonial from Janardhana V.A.

Dear Mr. Bharath Chandra and Mr. Rohan,
I am happy to inform that today whatever I have saved  into stock market is due to confidence which you have given me through the workshop I have attended and makes me more confident that I am not spending money in wrong investments.

I delayed taking decision to venture into stock market,  but now I am in the right path though I reacted late. You are helping me and others make me not to take incorrect steps and to take right decision on time without losing time.
Especially when the market is going down, the level of confidence you infringe in him make me strong, be calm and not to lose the vision which is far long away to achieve.
I am really grateful to you, Sir.
Testimonial from Mr.Uday Manju
Dear Bharath Chandra sir and Rohan sir,
First of all let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for constantly guiding us towards financial freedom and literacy.
My father enrolled for the stock market workshop, back in the year 2008 and Realising the potential of this he enrolled me during late 2012 soon after completing my graduation.
I should admit that because of the knowledge I have got from the workshop, Till date I have managed to save close to ~10+ lakhs (without even realising it… I still wonder how this happened when I look at the monthly CDSL report I get) for my retirement in the form of stocks and mutual fund apart from fulfilling other forms of commitment in life like car, marriage etc. This wouldn’t have been possible without the knowledge you impart in your workshop.
Without the knowledge I recieved from the workshop this money which I have saved would   Have either been lying in an FD decreasing in value with every passing year or worst case would have lost it by blindly putting it in wrong means of investment.
When we were young(even now) we used to get constant advise from our parents as to what is good what is bad, what is right what is wrong, what we shouldn’t do and so on which kept us in the right track and not lose focus.
Your Workshop has been doing the same in terms of financial literacy and investment guiding us to invest regularly and for long term which has put us in the right track for financial freedom.
I wholeheartedly together with my family thank you for this selfless service of yours..!!!