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10 Weeks Paid Online Stock Market Course in Kannada & English

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Specially designed for Investors who are beginners into Stock Market and for those who are already investing but would like to invest scientifically in the future.

Suppose you have more money than you need for current consumption, you are a potential investor. You may deposit your surplus in a bank account to earn a fixed rate of interest or purchase a speculative share on the stock market or buy gold or contribute to a provident fund account or buy a piece of art or invest in some other form. Whatever is your decision, you are essentially making a sacrifice in the present, in the hope of deriving benefits in future.

Every investment decision has two key aspects: time and risk. While the sacrifice occurs in the present and is certain, the benefits come in future and may be uncertain. Your economic well-being in the long run depends significantly on how wisely or foolishly you invest.

Read Testimonials of Past Workshop Participants -

Workshop Highlights

  • Basics of Stock Markets 
  • How to Select Good Stocks for Long Term
  • How to Create your Own Pension Fund for Retirement
  • How to Make Profitable SIP Investment
  • How to Earn Regular Profits on a Monthly Basis 
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • How to Make the Education & Marriage of your Children Free by Wise Investments
  • How to Choose Right Life Insurance Policy
  • How to Choose Right Health Insurance Policy
  • How to do Basic Tax Planning
  • The Whole Workshop will make you an Independent Investor with the capacity to Analyse investments on your own
  • Overall Financial Planning for all Life requirements