(Personality Development Workshop)

Success is a matter of choice!

Here at last is a unique and extremely successful training programme for becoming an absolute Winner in life by developing an entirely new world within you. Join the special Workshop to unleash the colossal forces of your mind and drive to greater success in life. Winners Workshop is a scientifically designed, result-oriented, practical and interactive, motivational and attitudinal internationally sought after training programme which has the magic power of bridging the gap between what you are and what you could be.

Workshop produces life long results

Winners workshop is an intensive training program wherein each participant is personally involved and participates actively. The course stresses immediate application of skills that are learned and developed in class. It is a training program that trains – hands – on and with immediate and positive feedback. The exercises, assignments and class competitions have been perfected over the years through the training of thousands of participants.

Winners Workshop is exciting

Winners workshop is not a series of lectures. Participants actively help themselves and their colleagues by taking a vital, energetic role in the class. They engage in friendly competitions and practice problem-solving techniques. The atmosphere in the class is highly charged.

What’s it like to be in the “Winners Workshop”

Winners workshop is held in an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement. Classes are friendly and people come to know and respect each other.

Workshop Highlights

  • Learn the art and science of Effective Speaking and Communication.
  • Time Management.
  • Goal Setting and actualization of Goals.
  • Sharpen your memory and concentration.
  • Manage stress – Learn perfect dynamic relaxation techniques.
  • Assertiveness Training.
  • Develop the special skill to face criticism.
  • Develop everlasting relationships at home, officeand any other place.
  • Relaxation Techniques.
  • Incorporate honesty, integrity and sincerity in work and life.
  • Eliminating fears and phobias by double disassociation technique.
  • Circle of excellence for stepping up your performance.
  • Anchoring and triggering technique.
  • Godiva chocolate technique for doing something you hate to do.
  • Analyzing others and self for a better decision.
  • Self-healing for pains, headache, back pains etc.