GST implementation postponed- may affect market direction

Blog meant for 17 Jan 2016 Tuesday

Dear friends,

Nifty marginally rose to close above 8400 once again. The global cues are mixed and hence our markets may take direction from local news.

GST will not implemented from April 1 and it is likely to be implemented from July 1, 2017. We have to see how markets react to this news today.

Also, the Union Finance Budget is likely to be presented on Feb 1 and markets and the entire country will be keenly waiting to hear what will be announced.

The indications for short term are –


Sell – ONGC


JUST BUY – SBI (Buy only if you have the risk appetite)



Cashless India

To help the nation become Digital, under our banner, we are planning to conduct a Workshop on Digital Modes of Payment shortly in Bangalore.

The Workshop will be conducted on Cost Basis covering the Promotional Expenses, Auditorium Rent, Study Material and payment to Faculty etc.

The training program could be of 4 hours duration on a General holiday or Sunday. The participants would be our Graduates and Public at large.

You can participate in the following ways:

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The first Workshop may be happening around the first week of February 2017 and the batch size could be around 100.

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The broad topics of the Workshop are as follows:

  1. How to Use Credit Cards effectively for purchases online ?

  2. How to Use Debit Cards effectively for purchases online ?

  3. How to Book Railway tickets online ?

  4. How to Book Flight tickets online ?

  5. How to Book Bus tickets online ?

  6. How to Book Hotel Rooms online ?

  7. How to Use PayTM for your benefit ?

  8. How to Book Movie Tickets online ?

  9. Usage BHIM App

  10. How to Pay Electricity, Water, Telephone/Mobile Bills online ?

  11. How to Pay Property Taxes online ?

  12. How to Pay Income Tax, Advance Tax & TDS online ?

  13. How to Transfer Funds to Others’ accounts or Your Own account ?

  14. How to Buy Online from Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket etc ?

  15. How to Invest in Tax Savings Mutual Funds & Financial Instruments like Stocks online ?

  16. How to Recharge your Prepaid Mobile balance online ?

  17. How to Pay your Monthly TV Cable Bill online ?

  18. How to Read the Newspaper online ?

  19. Learning to Use Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin more effectively

Once this training program is found to be effective and useful, we wish to extend the facility of this training program to other cities and rural areas.

We have taken an oath that we will make at least 10,000 people Digitally Literate, thereby preparing them for a Cashless Economy.

In case you are interested in becoming a Trainer on the above topics, we will train you extensively so that you can handle the future training programs in other cities/venues independently.

This is our Oath! What is your contribution to this Great Movement?

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All the best!

Dr.Bharath Chandra

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