Nifty in Hold zone, but markets still weak

Bangalore Investors’ Forum

Dear Friends,

Good news!

A special Stock Market investor Forum called ‘Bangalore Investors Forum’ has been started under the guidance of Dr.Bharath Chandra in order to improve the Financial Literacy among its Institute Members and to get maximum benefit from investing in Stock Markets.

The Bangalore Investors’ Forum members will meet on the First Sunday of every month usually between 6.10 to 8.10 pm (or any other date which will be informed) to learn Wise Money Management Principles.

Guest Faculties will be called for some sessions to bring about awareness about new topics.

Some of the topics of the Monthly meetings will be as follows:

  1. One Time Investment Technique in Stock Markets

  2. SIP or Monthly Investments in Stock Markets

  3. Life Insurance Re-adjustment & Planning

  4. Health Insurance

  5. Short Term Trading to Earn Regular Income

  6. Effective Use of Internet for Research & Analysis

  7. How to decide Section 80C Investments

  8. Balancing Investments to Ideal Asset Allocation

Membership restricted to only First 250 members. Already 192 members have registered. 

Normal Membership Fee – Rs.1500/- (for 12 months) 

Special Offer for Membership Fees – Rs.1,200/- (Only if Paid during the First Meeting on 2 July 2017) (for 12 months) (Spouse is allowed Free). 

If membership fee is paid after 2 July, then the normal fees of Rs.1,500/- will apply. 

An Photo ID Card will be given for the Members. Hence carry your stamp size photograph for the meeting for affixing on ID Card.

First Meeting on 2 July (Sun) between 6.10 pm to 8.10 pm at Jain College, Off JC Road (by the side of Ravindra Kalakshetra), Bangalore.

(Please note that the above membership is only for participants of the Stock Market Workshop. During the first meeting, you must carry your registration card/ name badge or study material given to you when you attend the Workshop)

In case you want to bring a guest (friend or relative) to the Meeting, Guest Fees will be Rs.200/- per meeting.


For registration for the Bangalore Investors Forum, please send a separate email to with the following details – 

Name – 

Mobile Number – 

Email ID –

I am interested to to become a member of the Bangalore Investors Forum and will come for the Session on 2 July (Sun) at 6.10 pm to Jain College, Off JC Road, (by the side of Ravindra Kalakshetra) and pay the Membership Fees of Rs.1200/- by cash.


Blog meant for 19 June 2017 Monday

Dear friends,

Marginal rise for the markets on Friday. Nifty closed 10 points higher. However, it was a weak day for markets. The US markets closed slightly negative on Friday and it is upto the Asian markets on Monday morning to provide the direction for other markets.

As per 30 days moving average, Nifty is in Hold zone.
The indications for short term for individual stocks are as follows:


Wait to Buy – Asian Paint, ACC

Buy – Axis Bank (It has been giving a few Buy indications in the last few months for short term. However, it has not been performing as well as it usually does. Buy with caution if you have the risk appetite since markets are looking weak and the rally could end anytime).

Don’t Buy –  LUPIN, BHEL, ONGC, SBI, Infosys, TCS, L&T, YES Bank

Long term investors should not miss their regular investments at any cost. Regular investing will result in good amount of money accumulated in the future.


Question of the Day

Question – I have kept aside Rs.4 lakhs for my marriage which may happen another 3 years later. Can I invest it in Stock Markets and get good returns? How ?

Answer – Saving for any important event in life is always a good habit. It shows the planning aspect of a person’s personality. However, since only around 3 years are left for the marriage, the money should not be invested in Stock Markets. It is too short a period. This money definitely needs to used for marriage purposes and hence cannot bear too much risk.

Any money which is definitely required for a period less than 8 years must not be invested in Stock Markets. It can be invested in a Bank FD or Debt Mutual funds. Debt funds may give returns of 8-11% p.a.. But the safety of the money is very good and hence it is a good investment option for this purpose.

Only if you have a time horizon of 8 years or more, then you can think of investing for long term in Stock Markets since markets require that much time to give good returns. Any period below that could result in you buying at a period when the markets were higher and needing to sell when markets are lower than at the time of buying.

For example, if you invest Rs.4 lakhs today with a time horizon of 3 years, and suppose, in 2020, if the markets are lower than today due to Stock Market cycle, then your investment may be less than Rs.4 lakhs and hence it may get difficult to plan and arrange your wedding successfully. On the other hand, if your time period is 10 years or so, then you can confidently invest the amount today with the expectation of getting good returns 10 years later.

All the best!

Dr.Bharath Chandra

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